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Classic Style. Modern Sound

LUNO, named Innovators by Los Angeles Magazine, is a small bespoke furniture company that makes HiFi record consoles and luxury furniture for high end design and audio enthusiasts. Handcrafted and hand-wired in LA by craftsmen and engineers, these designs are more than just stereo cabinets with vinyl storage built in. They were created to provide an immersive listening experience that their Mid Century Modern predecessors lacked. Described by HiConsumption as a "truly great piece of furniture" and by a client as "sounding like you're at a concert," these beautiful record players are artistic showpieces that provide breathtaking full analog turntable stage sound that reproduces the warmth and character of the classic vinyl LP recordings along with streaming capabilities from any AirPlay, Bluetooth, or Amazon Echo compatible device for the modern day listener’s convenience. And, let’s not forget about the signature whiskey bar and gold rimmed glasses.

Handcrafted HiFi Record Consoles & Luxury Furniture

LUNO in the Press

"Want to feel like Don Draper in Mad Men? The EGB2 comes with everything you need."
"Good booze and smooth, warm vinyl bliss. It’s true what they say: some things just don’t go out of style."
"LUNO just combined two great things into one great thing, and I hate my brain for not thinking of it first."
"....you can drink Johnnie Walker while listening to Johnny Cash, just as God intended."
"God damn luxury doubled!"
"....LUNO’s EGB2 can be considered a truly great piece of furniture...."

What Customers are Saying

“I am so impressed. I absolutely love it!! You two do a fabulous job of craftsmanship. I also want to tell you that your delivery team does your product justice. They are truly white glove perfection. Thanks again!!”

Mike P.
Fresno, CA

“They absolutely love the gift. They put on some Al Green and it made them really happy. The first of many joyful moments listening to music on their LUNO.

Thank you for everything. I couldn’t imagine a better gift for the two of them and I’m so happy I found you. You guys were very accommodating with everything and the custom faceplate was the cherry on top. This is something they’ll cherish for the rest of their lives. Thanks again.”

Ryan N.
Los Angeles, CA

“I’m the proud owner of an EGB2 and it’s the centerpiece of my home office. The sound, craftsmanship and overall quality exceeded my expectations and it serves as the home for my favorite vinyl and bourbon. They consistently communicated throughout the build with emails and pictures, which was great. I would recommend LUNO to anyone looking for a unique record console.”

Travis H.
Atlanta, GA

Got the EGB2 in for Xmas.

Love it, it’s a big ol beauty!
And there’s a real warmth to the sound.

Thanks so much for the records!
I have yet to give them a proper playing – Kurt awaits patiently.

And the bourbon is ready for a night of mates and records…


Jim L.
Brighton, UK

We ordered a stereo console after seeing an article online. The whole process was fun and stress free. The console arrived and was placed in our home half way across the country from LA with the best delivery team I’ve seen. We are so happy with our stereo which has brought back records that I never dreamed I’d hear again. Thank you LUNO!!

Galen H.
Memphis, TN

“It doesn’t skip at ALL even with my kiddos running around!!  My EGB2!!”

Alameda, CA

“Sounds like I’m at a concert.”

Los Angeles, CA

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Vinyl Record & Whiskey of the Month

"Dan Knowles and Jennifer Farmer are the Founders of LUNO and a husband and wife dream pop duo based in Los Angeles CA. Their narrative driven lyrics and shoegaze guitar textures drew critical acclaim from SPIN, Paste, Earmilk and by tastemakers like "i'm cyborg but that's ok” and Avrey Ovard. Their debut EP, wearetheknow, garnered comparisons to Phil Spector and David Lynch. It charted for several weeks on the NACC and the vinyl pressing sold out. "Hold Me Like You Know Me" was featured on Season 4 of SKAM Spain."