Coolest Features of a Mid-Century Modern HiFi Record Console | LUNO

Coolest Features of a Mid-Century Modern HiFi Record Console | LUNO

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Coolest Features of a Mid-Century Modern HiFi Record Console | LUNO


Mid-century modern record consoles have an elegance that could lead you to believe they materialized from a 1960’s James Bond movie. Like one of Bond’s gadgets, they also have some of the coolest hidden features that you may not have heard about. Unless you’re in the know, own one, or are among the community of Interior Designers, you may not know about some of the well kept secrets of these incredible decorative luxury furniture pieces. Here’s a quick list of some of the coolest mid-century modern record console features.


The Hidden Whiskey Bar

luno record console whiskey bar glasses

Let’s get started with a bang, easily our favorite feature of LUNO’s mid-century modern style record console, the discrete whiskey bar. It’s your own hidden turntable powered speakeasy, and comes with 4 beautiful gold rimmed whiskey glasses. It has the capacity to hold 4 full average sized whiskey or wine bottles, just in case you want to change it up. It really is the perfect complement to your favorite classic vinyl LP, check out the whiskey bar on one of our most popular consoles The EGB2.


Standard Marshall Salt & Pepper Grill Cloth

One of the coolest things to know about LUNO’s record consoles is that they come with the standard Marshall salt & pepper grill cloth, it doesn’t get more classic than that, Marshall amplifier grill cloth! You actually have one of the most iconic elements from the history of rock & roll music built in as part of the DNA of LUNO’s record consoles.


Apple & Airplay Compatibility

Apple Airplay Compatibility Record Console LUNO

Airplay compatibility means you can connect your other Apple compatible devices and stream them on your high quality LUNO stereo console, giving you an extremely full and rich audio experience. One of the comments people frequently make is how impressed they are by the enveloping sound that comes out of our consoles. Which actually gets at another feature that we didn’t have room to include, which is high quality audio components, that are hand-wired by our in-house audio gurus.


Deceptively Large Vinyl Storage Capacity

When you slide open the cabinet doors, you will see a perfectly measured space to store your copious vinyl collection. This baby holds 150 standard size vinyl records, and believe me you’re going to need after you hear one of these record consoles in person. Every record you currently own in any other format, you will begin a mad hunt to track it down in its original pure analog format.


Line-In Other Media & Audio Sources

The thing I love most is being able to connect other older analog tape players through the built-in amp and console speakers. It makes even these old tapes sound rich and warm, and the EQ controls it gives you, allow you to adjust for some of the deficiencies and decay that can be found as tapes age. Also, if you want to have the coolest looking home theater setup known to man, this unit can act as the core of your surround sound, and then some.

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