Americans Are Afraid of Live Concerts? | LUNO | Luno

Americans Are Afraid of Live Concerts? | LUNO

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June 5, 2020
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Americans Are Afraid of Live Concerts? | LUNO

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Want to go to live concerts anytime soon? If so, you’re part of a minority of people who would. And that minority is shrinking fast.


According to an April poll conducted by Reuters, only 40% of Americans say that they would return to live concerts right now before a Coronavirus vaccine were available. That minority also said the same thing about sporting events, amusement parks, festivals, and other large gatherings.


What’s worse, a Screen Engine/ASI poll released in May surveyed tens of thousands of Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 which showed that the concern only deepened. Just a month later, only 5% said that they would attend a live concert or sporting event right. There’s no denying that the concern for the pandemic is real, and that has changed the landscape of the music business. If there’s a second wave, it could spook the public even more.


With Coronavirus cases in the U.S. just passed 6.2 million, most people want to wait at least until 2021 to return to any live in-person events. Every week, promising vaccine developments are announced, but most people are remaining cautiously optimistic. If we’re struggling to re-open schools and college campuses without a surge in cases, no wonder people are worried about returning to large scale events. When is the next time you’ll be able to enjoy a concert at a stadium or arena? We have no clue.


This has forced bands to pivot to live stream concerts on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch to meet a demand for content that is growing. People are still interested in consuming content of all forms, which is somewhat great for content creators. But it’s only a small blessing because no streaming service can replace revenue from the gate. The futures of many artists depend on how comfortable the public is to return to live concerts.


When the world changes around you,

Chilling with loved ones is precious.


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