6 Decorative Acoustic Panels for Your Luxury Studio | LUNO | Luno

6 Decorative Acoustic Panels for Your Luxury Studio | LUNO

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September 6, 2020

6 Decorative Acoustic Panels for Your Luxury Studio | LUNO


Want the décor of your luxury recording studio to really fit your musical style? Say no to ugly acoustic panels with these decorative acoustic panels from GIK Acoustics. Here’s a look at 6 decorative acoustic panels for your luxury studio from their Impression Series and what each says about you:


1 – Gatsby Arches: These panels say that you rock so hard in the studio that even your practices feel like wild parties. When people see this, they’ll know there’s a method to your madness.

decorative acoustic panels

Gatsby Arches


2 – Digiwave Vertical: These decorative acoustic panels say that you don’t care much for what people think of your music. Sure, you might not have an authentic sound, but that doesn’t matter, because to you make music for today, not for 40 years ago. (BTW, we at LUNO are hurt that an authentic sound is not for you…just kidding…do you!)

decorative acoustic panels

Digiwave Vertical


3 – Palomar: If you’re the person who likes to experiment and try anything, then these decorative acoustic panels are for you. You don’t give a damn if you mix country with electronica, or alternative rock with hip hop. Musically, you like to walk on the road less traveled, and sometimes go where no one has gone before.

decorative acoustic panels



4 – Braids: You believe your music is soulful and conscientious. These decorative acoustic panels say your music not only makes people move, it makes them think. When the revolution reaches it next level of intensity, your jams will be the soundtrack.

decorative acoustic panels



5 – 3D Cubes: These decorative acoustic panels say that you love your music to be complex and filled with intricacies. You love when people listen to one of your songs and only catch certain sounds on the third or fourth listen. Your music is like a puzzle, an enigma that is difficult to figure out at first impression, and that’s the way you like it.

decorative acoustic panels

3D Cubes


6 – Wavy Leaves: These panels say though you love making music, you hate being stuck inside for several hours at a time. In place of windows, this panel design gives you the connection with nature that you desire.

Wavy Leaves



When the world changes around you,

Chilling with loved ones is precious.



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