Metallica Are Launching A Whiskey Called Blackened, And Here’s The Best Way To Drink It | LUNO | Luno

Metallica Are Launching A Whiskey Called Blackened, And Here’s The Best Way To Drink It | LUNO

August 15, 2018
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September 4, 2018

Metallica Are Launching A Whiskey Called Blackened, And Here’s The Best Way To Drink It | LUNO

Metallica are launching a whiskey called Blackened that is formed by the band’s own music. Last year, Metallica’s guitarist, Kirk Hammett, brought us his own line of coffee, and this week the band unveiled a new line of Nixon watches. One couldn’t help but wonder what these master craftsmen of heavy metal would come up with next. Well, the short-lived Metallica tease is over. Now, they’re strengthening the bond with their fans with a premium whiskey.

They’re calling it Blackened American Whiskey, named after the opening song on their 1988 album, …And Justice for All. It’s only available in select stores in the U.S. this week, in a few cities on their upcoming American fall tour, and can be bought online. What makes Blackened different from all the other whiskeys on the market, other than being associated with Metallica?

“We are obviously not just slapping a Metallica label on a pre-existing mediocre whiskey,” said the band in a statement on their website.

For several years, Metallica collaborated with Dave Pickerell, a Master Distiller with a deep understanding of how sound can shape flavor. Through a sonic-enhancement process known as ‘Black Noise’, Metallica played a curated playlist of some of their heart-pounding music at the distillery, through a proprietary subwoofer engineered by Meyer Sound. By blasting the whiskey with their distinctive music, the low frequency sound waves disrupt and shape the whiskey in the wooden barrels on a molecular level. Not only does this process make the whiskey taste better, it gives it a unique Metallica taste.

Although many people know how to drink whiskey, and may even call themselves whiskey connoisseurs, what’s the best way to drink Blackened?

Metallica’s Blackened American Whiskey. Photo by Lion & Lamb Communications.

Knowing how music and whiskey are two things that people love, we at LUNO collaborated with the Frank Zappa Estate to design and build a limited edition record console. Handcrafted at a factory in Los Angeles, the SSKL Soundwave, Frank Zappa Limited Edition is just under six feet long and made of American Walnut, with a hand waxed finish. It is equipped with a turntable, a subwoofer, a speaker system, two auxiliary inputs, and can be used to stream music using AirPlay.  On the doors of the record console is a solid brass sound wave, inlaid by hand and embedded into the walnut door. The sound wave comes from Frank Zappa, an artist that Rolling Stone listed as 22nd greatest guitarists of all time in their top 100 ranking, just 11 spots back of Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, who they listed at number 11.

SSKL Soundwave, Frank Zappa Limited Edition by LUNO


Frank Zappa’s sound wave from his “Sofa No.1” musical composition, on embedded on the doors of the SSKL Soundwave, FZ Limited Edition by LUNO.


The Pro-Ject Esprit SB turntable of the SSKL Soundwave, Frank Zappa Limited Edition by LUNO.

Zappa’s unique sound wave of his “Sofa No.1” musical composition is not the only inspiration on this record console. There’s also a selection of vinyl recordings from his extensive recorded catalog, along with storage for 150 records. For the whiskey connoisseur, the record console also includes a minibar, with space for four liquor bottles, and some of Zappa’s personal whiskey glasses.

The best way to drink Blackened would be at the end of a long day of work, sitting on custom-built furniture, sipping out of a Zappa glass, and luxuriating in the moment while playing Metallica on the record console. Just sit there and indulge Blackened, forged by sound, as it comes alive within you, like a musical relaxant for your soul. While you feel the music in your stomach, listen to the authentic analog sounds pulsating from the SSKL Soundwave of two musical greats, as they immerse you in an unparalleled experience, within and without.

The SSKL Soundwave, Frank Zappa Limited Edition and this snug arm chair need an owner!


Keep this in mind: LUNO created only 10 SSKL Soundwave, Frank Zappa Limited Edition record consoles. Buy yours while you still can, before people figure out the buzz you get while drinking whiskey and listening to that precious sound.

Keep this in mind 2: Visit to see which restaurants and bars near you are serving Blackened.


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