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September 8, 2018
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September 11, 2018

Designing a Record Console: Part 2 | LUNO

Designing a record console is a really fun experience, because you can express your sense of style and love for music, all in one product of LUNO custom furniture. In Part 1, we looked at design, but today we’ll discuss the second part of the process of designing a record console: FABRICATION

1-With the drawings approved, now we can start to build: Our production and finishing departments review the drawings that you approve, as well as any finish samples that you want. You know the expression measure twice, cut once? Well, at this stage we are doing just that: estimating your project so that we can order the right materials for production.

2 – Lights, cameras, PRODUCTION: Well, lights yes, cameras no, but loads of production. Here is where the factory takes your drawings, which are 2D representations of what you want, and start to build it. First, we build the largest part of the record console, the cabinets. Then the finishes that you selected are added to the cabinets. Finally, the cabinet with the applied finishes is sent to our audio department to be wired.  It’s no longer an empty cabinet, but a record console that you designed.

3 – We yearn for your validation again….sorry, we can’t help it: Once your record cabinet is complete, we send you photos and videos for you to approve while it is still in the factory. After the approvals, we do an in-depth inspection of the record console to make sure that everything is on point. Then we release your record console to a white glove delivery service of your choosing. Oh, it’s always sad to see them go, but such is life, you want your record console right?

But you know what is the best part of our fabrication process? It’s all done at the same factory in L.A., by highly skilled craftspeople and sound engineers. No subcontracting, no sending pieces all over the country or the world, then sent back to us months later so that we can ship it to you. Nope, LUNO is a one-stop shop. You tell us what you want, it gets designed with your input, we build it, and then we deliver it to you through an insured third party.

Want to design your own record console today? Do it here.

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