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LUNO Guide To Record Cabinet Customization

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LUNO Guide To Record Cabinet Customization

The most commonly asked question we get is usually about customization of one of our record consoles or record cabinets. When people see these beautifully stylish design pieces they instantly to bring one home and blend seamlessly into their color scheme and decor style. Well, I have some very good news for those of you who like to have things your way, there are some amazing options for finishes and speaker fabrics that can give your record cabinet a look that perfectly fits as an expression of your personality. Here’s LUNO’s Guide to record cabinet customization.




homepage3 - EGB2 Record Cabinet
LUNO’s flagship model, EGB2, is a timely update of the classic record consoles of the 50’s and 60’s. The beautiful Mid Century inspired design, boutique minimalist turntable, pull out MiniBar and custom gold rimmed whiskey glasses effectively evoke the luxurious style and modernist design of the Mad Men era. Each EGB2 is crafted by skilled artisans and craftsmen in Los Angeles, CA using American Walnut and would undoubtedly be a conversation piece based on it’s stylish design alone. The most exciting part is that there are 6 gorgeous finish options, and three speaker fabrics that you can choose from. What you see pictured is the classic Marshall amplifier salt and pepper grill cloth, in my mind it does not get any more classic and couldn’t fit the style of this beautiful piece more perfectly. Here are the full selection of finishes and fabrics for the EGB2:
EGB2 Record Cabinet Custom Options Guide Options
Cut from the same cloth as our flagship console, we are pleased to announce our newest console. The KC27 is a streamlined version of our EGB2, simplifying the components while still retaining many of the essential elements that make it’s big brother console such a spectacular piece. The KC27, like all LUNO products, is handcrafted and hand-wired in DTLA by skilled artisans and features a unique eye catching cross grain walnut pattern. The KC27 has a selection of beautiful finish and fabric options just like the EGB2, but with the KC27 you have some options for the mini-bar:
  • Storage For 2 Average Sized Liquor or Wine Bottles
  • Storage For 4 Cocktail Glasses – glasses not included

Don’t forget to check out the full options on the KC27 page:

EGB2 & KC27 Record Cabinet Custom Options Guide Options



The Shell Stereo Cabinet

Due to popular demand, LUNO is pleased to announce it’s latest design, “The Shell.”

Contrary to our fully equipped Mid Century inspired record consoles, The Shell is a streamlined stereo cabinet option featuring a simplistic modern design for those that want a hub to house their existing audio system.

The two large enclosures to each side can house your own speakers, under the left lid you can place your very own turntable, the right lid can house accessories or optionally, one of our LUNO faceplates connected to the same power amplifier found in our top of the line consoles.

Not only can you build out this incredible unit with whatever turntable or media device your heart desires, you can also select from a few additional options that allow you to make The Shell the custom record cabinet of your dreams:

  • 2 Door Options
  • 2 Leg Options
  • 2 Finish Options
If you’re a trendsetter that can’t be boxed into painting inside the lines, you can contact us here with your requests, in most cases if you can dream it, we’ll try our best to make that dream a reality.

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