How Music’s Biggest Stars Do Their Thing | LUNO | Luno

How Music’s Biggest Stars Do Their Thing | LUNO

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How Music’s Biggest Stars Do Their Thing | LUNO

Last month, the iconic guitar company Gibson posted a 4-part interview series with Eddie Kramer, the legendary producer and engineer who had a hell of a lot of stories to tell. Kramer has collaborated with the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Carlos Santana, Kiss, David Bowie, and other big stars.


There was one interview a week, with a moderator from Gibson asking Kramer questions about how these stars they worked, put their songs together, recorded, performed, and handled their craft. Kramer talks about how these big stars found inspiration in the studio and what they used to motivate them. The series is an inside look at the world of Rock and Roll from a man who has recorded some of the greatest music of the last 60 years.


You’ll really appreciate how these artists thought about their music. Even though Kramer’s stories are what he observed from working with these stars, you’ll become a little more familiar with how they did their thing. You know the names, songs, albums, concerts, and posters, but Kramer tells us about the nuts and bolts of how they made their magic. There’s sure to be things that Eddie talks about that you never knew about your favorite artists, no matter how big of a fan you are.


Each interview was around 50-minutes in length, starting with a discussion with the moderator, and mixed with questions from viewers in the chat. Check out all four interviews of Ask Eddie Kramer Presented By Gibson from the company’s YouTube channel below:

Thursday, May 7 Topic: Recording Jimi Hendrix with Moderator Brian Hardgroove


Thursday, May 14 Topic: Recording Led Zeppelin with Moderator Brad Tolinski


Thursday, May 21 Topic: Recording Woodstock with Moderator Brad Tolinski


Thursday, May 28 Topic: Recording the Rolling Stones with Moderator: Bob Merlis


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