Post Malone - Stoney - Modern Classic Vinyl | LUNO

Post Malone – Stoney – Modern Classic Vinyl | LUNO

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Post Malone – Stoney – Modern Classic Vinyl | LUNO

Post Malone Stoney Vinyl Record LP

It’s hard to believe that it was just two years ago that Post Malone released Stoney, launching his career into the stratosphere of the hip-hop world, and making a major splash for his first introduction into the mainstream. The record’s notoriety after its release has grown since its debut, and has resonated with its audience in a way that few recent records have been able to achieve, especially for an artist that hasn’t been given the major label marketing push that many of the top-40 mainstays receive.

On tracks like “No Option” and “Leave,” Post Malone showcases his vibe at its best, laid back, with a voice that doesn’t 100% fit the mold of other current artists in trap. It almost has a throwback 90s feel to it in some ways, but there is a deeper level he achieves with his tracks than the typical throwback party anthem. There’s another dimension of  depth that seems to be resonating with his fans, an emotional chord that he effortlessly strikes on almost every track from Stoney. While he is rooted purely in hip-hop, one of his other passions is emo music, and this complexity is on full display on tracks that strike a balance of his two favorite worlds like “I Fall Apart.”

Whereas the traditional function of emo music is pure catharsis and release of angst for its listener, there’s a perspective that comes across in Post Malone’s lyrics and delivery that almost achieves celebratory heights. There are other artists in trap that display an emotional complexity, but this usually comes across as a representation of the binary, either party anthems or slow jams. But its the nuance and his turn of phrase displayed, unusual word usage paired with his voice and delivery that makes this debut what it is. The record was even able to withstand a guest appearance from Justin Bieber, which actually is one of his best cameos, and sees him blending into the Post Malone aesthetic.

This record is well produced and sounds excellent in its vinyl format, and is an exciting journey from first track to last. Make no mistake this album is primarily a trap record, but Post Malone is one of the first who has taken this extremely minimal sonic pallet, and woven it into a flow that pushes this genre into new territory, to become a genre defining work that will influence a flood of new talent entering the game.

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