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Interior Design Tips That Make A Major Impact

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Interior Design Tips That Make A Major Impact

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We all want to transform our living space, to create a place that looks great and reflects our personality. We have a few interior design tips that make a major impact on your home, that almost anyone can implement. Most people don’t realize that it doesn’t take a total re-design to beautify and transform a room, sometimes a few small improvements can go a long way.


Room Lighting

Home Decor Interior Design Room Lighting LUNOThe impact that lighting and has on a room cannot be overstated. If the lighting is either too harsh, or you have areas that could use brightened up. Coming up with lighting scene that provides a nice even, diffuse lighting can make a room a much more pleasing environment to dwell in.  Interesting and decorative lamps can usually be a fairly inexpensive upgrade to your room, but will make a big difference in the overall appearance.


Less Is More – Remove Extraneous Clutter

Interior Design Clutter Free Room Interior DesignThis tip is more about having discipline when deciding what will go in your space, a lot of us have items that we’ve been hoarding for years and we end up buried in a cluttered space, at one point I had two sofa’s in my living room because of an odd sentimental attachment. So lesson one is let go of any piece you’re not in love with that you feel is overwhelming the room. Make sure that surfaces are for the most part not overly burdened with nicknacks, and overall you feel like you have some space for the eye to rest.


Add Accent Decor

Interior Design Lamp Sculpture Home Decor LUNOAlways keep a look out for an interesting item, a coffee table book, or vase that can add interest to a surface. But word to the wise, don’t overdo it, like we said in the last tip, less is more. Having a few interesting sculptures, table runners, or arrangements can really enhance any negative space that feels overly vacant. This is where your interior design sense should take over, and guide you to pieces of interest that you feel reflect your personality.


Create An Accent Wall

LUNO Interior Design Tip Accent Wall

Sometimes you don’t need to paint an entire room to transform it, select a wall and make it your centerpiece or focal wall in the room. Giving it a burst of color on one wall that complements your color palette can really liven things up. Going brighter can liven up dead space, but even a more subdued color that highlights the darker shades of your furniture can also pull everything together for a more cohesive look.


Decorative Storage

Vinyl Storage - Flip Tabletop Record Storage UnitOne thing we really understand is maximizing space, and creating attention getting pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. Making items like your record collection, which can consume a lot of room space, work as a decorative item, not only looks awesome, but provides a conversation piece for guests. Items like our Flip Tabletop vinyl storage, allows for you to have your albums browsable while showcasing a great piece of interior design.


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