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Vinyl Record Sales for 2018 | LUNO

Vinyl record sales for 2018 continued their increase for the 13th consecutive year. Even though there is still a little over a month until the end of the year, 2018 has already been impressive, and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) plans to make 2019 even better. How? The RIAA plans to officially release updated manufacturing specs for vinyl, for the first time since 1978.

The process began in early October at Making Vinyl, a B2B conference that’s only two years old dedicated to advancing the vinyl manufacturing process. Since vinyl has made a comeback in popularity, the RIAA and Making Vinyl are collaborating to update existing standards in order to help increase vinyl sales. This should modernize the manufacturing of records so that more can be sold to meet demand, with a higher quality, and better consumer experience. Hey, if this means that more of you will be buying record consoles from us next year, then that is nothing less than awesome!

Vinyl Record Sales

Mumford & Sons. Delta

Vinyl Record Sales

Arctic Monkeys. Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino


Vinyl Record Sales

The 1975. A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships


Even if you took the first six months of 2018, vinyl record sales from January to June increased 13% compared to 2017. Despite claims that vinyl sales are down because Best Buy sales have slowed, more people have been buying vinyl year after year. It is normal for sales at a big box retailer to slide since they do not have the wide selection of albums that independent record stores or a website like Discogs have. Using sales at Best Buy as any indicator for the wider vinyl market leads to inaccurate conclusions and misleading headlines. As we’ve shown you before, certain records can be worth quite a lot. This why Discogs still believe that vinyl is a great investment.


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