Virgin Voyages’ Will Have an On-board Record Shop | LUNO | Luno

Virgin Voyages’ Will Have an On-board Record Shop | LUNO

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Virgin Voyages’ Will Have an On-board Record Shop | LUNO

Virgin Voyages’

Back in January, we told you about Virgin Voyages releasing renderings of the Tom Dixon-designed rock-and-roll suites on the Scarlet Lady, a new cruise ship which is scheduled to go into operation in 2020. Aboard the ship will be 78 RockStar suites which will include a music room, acoustical instruments, an amplifier, a collection of vinyl records and a gold-plated record player. Just this week, Virgin Voyages announced that the Scarlet Lady will also feature an on-board record shop called Voyage Vinyl, along with a karaoke studio called The Groupie.


It seems like the Scarlet Lady is promising to be a music lover’s dream vacation on the seas. Virgin Voyages knows what luxury hotels have known for the last few years: that vinyl records, records players, and hospitality mixed with music is a big draw. To create an engaging music-inspired atmosphere for the ship, Virgin Voyages expanded their Creative Collective to include a music committee called WhiteLabel Creative. The committee is made up of music experts who offer Virgin Voyages insight in creating spaces branded based on musical inspirations. WhiteLabel Creative will also be ensuring that the music heard across the ship is properly curated to fit the Virgin Voyage’s brand. Another hospitality brand that comes to mind that deliberately uses music as part of its brand is W Hotels, including festivals and their own record label.


Virgin Voyages’


With Vinyl Voyage, guests will be able to do something that probably has never been done before: visit a record store in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. The collection will have limited-edition albums, and exclusive issues from many genres and eras. There will be listening booths and a space for the ship’s resident DJ to play. You’ll also be able to purchase audio accessories and even a record player.


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