Coolest Vinyl Record Storage Units For 2018 | LUNO

Coolest Vinyl Record Storage Units For 2018 | LUNO

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August 1, 2018
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Coolest Vinyl Record Storage Units For 2018 | LUNO

Mid-Century Modern Listening Room Suite

If you are looking for a stylish way to store or display your vinyl record collection we have solutions that are beautifully designed, use natural materials and boast made by hand craftsmanship. Our top four storage suggestions have clean silhouettes, allow for easy browsing through your collection and are a pleasure to look at. It just so happens that we build some of the finest and coolest handcrafted luxury vinyl storage furniture that you can find anywhere. Check out our picks for LUNO’s Coolest Vinyl Record Storage Units For 2018.


The Flip Tabletop Vinyl Storage Unit is handcrafted with solid walnut with solid brass details. It’s clean simple lines allow the beauty of the natural woodgrain to be showcased. Designed for browsing through your collection with ease and as a beautiful way to display a few of your favorite records. This piece can sit on a desk or table top and hold as many as 35 albums.


Vinyl Storage - Flip Tabletop Record Storage Unit


Tom Crates Vinyl Storage Unit brings a warm natural touch to any decor. They are handcrafted with reclaimed White Oak, feature dovetail joints, a hand rubbed oil finish and aged brass details. Each crate holds as many as 50 albums, crates can be stacked, flipped and have side handles  to make them easy to carry. The V-shaped front allows for easy browsing and a nice view of your records.



Jax Vinyl Storage Unit is a mid-century inspired design record storage cabinet that will bring a warm natural touch to a modern room. Made from exotic Zebrawood or Walnut it’s simple elegant design showcases the amazing grain patterns of the carefully selected wood and black lacquered legs add to the iconic mid-century look. This unit will hold up to 500 records and makes an excellent addition to any collectors home



Spektor Vinyl Storage Unit lets you browse your record collection with ease and display your favorites with record store style. This amazing cabinet can be ordered in two sizes, the largest holding up to 750 albums. The unit is handcrafted with American Walnut and is a well made lasting piece.


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