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15 Luxury Pool Tables | LUNO

Luxury Pool Tables

Luxury pool tables might be just the pieces of furniture that you need in your home to give certain rooms a playful theme. You can bring your friends over and relax while playing pool (for money or not). But you don’t want some standard pool table, but something different, with a peculiar design that catches the eye.

Here are 15 luxury pool tables for you and your friends to have fun with:


1 – Lux V Linder Billiard Table

Made of non-deformable steel with a frame built of iron, this pool table has a one-piece Italian slate that is 0.88 inches thick. It also has a soundproof ball return, and it can be converted into a poker board or dining table.

Luxury Pool Tables

Lux V Linder Billiard Table


2 – X-Base Pool Table

Supported by a steel frame, the X-Base finish consists of distressed quarter-sawn white oak wood. It has a modern and homely appearance.

Luxury Pool Tables

X-Base Pool Table


3 – Filotto

From far, this pool table seems to be floating on air, with crystal glass legs. The slate sits within a stainless steel frame.

Luxury Pool Tables



4 – California House Newport

This pool table has more of traditional look, but still would look cool in your den, wouldn’t it?

Luxury Pool Tables

California House Newport


5 – Ziggurat

First designed over two decades ago, each layer of the pyramid can be in one color of many. Lights underneath the slate help to make the base seem even more dramatic.

Luxury Pool Tables



6 – B_ig

Even though this pool table looks like it could topple over, its CNC machine form can also be supported with a steel base.

Luxury Pool Tables



7 – Olhausen Waterfall

The angled cushion rail on this table gives you plenty of room to set up and hit that perfect shot in comfort. Hopefully without spilling your drink.

Luxury Pool Tables

Olhausen Waterfall


8 – Wengen

It’s always fun to see pool tables supported in creative ways. It’s amazing what a sturdy iron frame can do. The z-shaped leg makes this table look like its hovering.

Luxury Pool Tables



9 – Theseus

The round shape of this base on this pool table is a striking image. It comes in brushed aluminum, bamboo veneer, and other high-end finishes.

Luxury Pool Tables



10 – Stealth

If this pool table looks like an aircraft it’s because it is. Inspired by the Stealth bomber, this piece of recreational furniture will bring boldness to whatever room you put it in.

Luxury Pool Tables



11 – Luxury by Vincent Facquet

Designed by professional billiards player, Vincent Facquet, this suave pool table has a motif of leaves on its base has a romantic, Art Nouveau appeal.

Luxury Pool Tables

Vincent Facquet


12 – St. Leone

If you’re the type of person who love regal-looking furniture, the St. Leone pool table is for you. With a lion’s head at each corner, and a lion’s paw at the base of each leg, this pool table is fit for a palace.

Luxury Pool Tables

St. Leone


13 – Car Pool Tables

How about a Mustang in your driveway and one in your den? Or a Corvette in the garage and one in the entertainment room? Many of these car pool tables are part of special edition collections.

Luxury Pool Tables

Car Pool Tables


14 – Barokko

Inspired by the décor of 18th century castles, with 24 karat gold motifs and carvings, this pool table expresses an old money aura. It shows wealth without saying it.

Luxury Pool Tables



15 – Ellipse

With brushed aluminum, these luxury pool tables is supported by a swooping curve. Is it even touching the ground? It sure is.

Luxury Pool Tables



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