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How Premium Cigars are Made | LUNO

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How Premium Cigars are Made | LUNO

How Premium Cigars are Made

When you sit back to enjoy a cigar after a long day at work or after a big win, do you ever consider what it took to create such a premium product? Regardless of the shape, blend, or size, the work that goes into ensuring the quality of a cigar is underrated.

To give you a better idea, here is a brief overview of how your favorite cigars are made:


1 – Cultivation:

Tobacco seeds are planted indoors, and the plants allowed to grow in a controlled environment for about two months. The plants are carefully taken care of for six to eight months until they are ready for harvest.

How Premium Cigars are Made


2 – Curing:

For the tobacco to have a unique scent, the leaves from the plants must be cured indoors under a sustained temperature. The tobacco leaves are fixed to pieces of wood and hung from the ceiling, until they break down, turning from green to brown.

How Premium Cigars are Made


3 – Fermentation:

Each leaf is categorized based on size, color, and integrity. Workers sort them and set each aside for appropriate parts of the cigar. The leaves are then bundled and kept indoors for a period of three to five years. During this time, the leaves continue to change, and their taste becomes more refined.

How Premium Cigars are Made


4 – Stripping:

The main stem of each leave is removed, and the leaves are bundled for fermentation again.

How Premium Cigars are Made


5 – Rolling:

The smallest leaves are used for the cigar fillers, while the larger leaves are used for the inner and outer wrappers. Cigars can be hand rolled or passed through a rolling machine. Afterwards, the cigars are inspected for consistency and quality assurance.

How Premium Cigars are Made


6 – Packaging:

Bands are placed around each cigar, and then categorized by various shades. Each set of shades becomes a box of cigars.

How Premium Cigars are Made


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