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This One Product Will Improve Your Sound Quality | LUNO

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This One Product Will Improve Your Sound Quality | LUNO

sound quality

You may not realize it, but it doesn’t matter if you play your music on a CD player or spin records on a turntable – your sound could be better. When you turn up the volume on that system, some of that sound quality is lost due to vibration. Is there a way to make sure that you’re playing music only for yourself and those who want to hear it, and not your next door neighbor?

sound quality


Critical Mass Systems designs high-performance vibration reducing systems for high-end audio. It’s not that their systems make the vibrations disappear, but rather they control the vibrations so that it goes to where it is less likely to interfere with the sound quality. They originally made these vibration damping systems for turntables, which tend to be the most vibration-sensitive component of any audio system due to the spinning of the record.


By developing a proprietary internal vibration filtering rack, Critical Mass Systems’ products reduce structure-borne sound and reduce vibration of the overall audio system. These racks look like normal racks, but are sophisticated thermodynamic systems, framed with aluminum alloy. This system is so effective that it has received a long list of positive reviews from people in the music and audio industry.


You want the sound coming from the speakers to be as perfect as possible, and this is what these audio racks do. They help to provide a more honest sound by reducing the vibrations from the speakers and the overall rack. They enhance the real sound of the music, as it was meant to be heard.


sound quality


Think of all the parties and functions that you have been to where the music just seemed to vibrate through falls, floors, and could be heard even a hundred feet away from the source. All of that “lost” sound that was allowed to vibrate away could have been retained and controlled so that the people who were really meant to hear it could enjoy the music in its fullest form.


Critical Mass Systems offers “Swiss-like precision; German-like engineering; Italianate luxury; “ and American-made craftsmanship.


As someone who cares about sound quality,

you’ll love our HiFi record consoles.

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