The Faces Behind the Names... The Puppies of LUNO

The Faces Behind the Names… The Puppies of LUNO

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The Faces Behind the Names… The Puppies of LUNO

I’m sure you often wonder how products get their names. We sure do! EGB2? What does that even mean? Well, we wanted to give you a little insight into some of our product names and how they came about. If you’re not already aware, LUNO, was named after our dog Emmylou (LU) Knowles (NO) who herself was named after the great Emmylou Harris. We thought we would continue the theme of naming our products after our children AKA puppies so here’s a sneak peek behind the thought process of a few of our favorite products…..



Buckley was our first child. He was a little terrier mix that we named after Jeff Buckley. We also wrote a song called “Buckley Get Your Gun” with our band Ghostel that was featured in the trailer of an Oscar nominated film called Mustang. Little Buckles legacy continues to live on!

KC was my first dog before Dan and I got married. I named him after my favorite artist, Kurt Cobain. He was a min-pin and my first love.

JAX is named after our second dog, Jackson. Jackson Wigglebum was such a dude and we miss him every day. He was named after Michael Jackson who was playing when we picked him up.

GPK (currently unreleased) is named after our newest addition, Gram, AKA Gram Paw Knowles, named after Gram Parsons. This little tank packs a lot in a small package and we can’t wait to introduce you to our GPK unit!


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