Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2018 | LUNO

Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2018 | LUNO

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Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2018 | LUNO

We scoured the interior design blogosphere, and researched with some of the top names in design to determine our top 5 interior design trends for 2018. Each year we see new styles becoming more widely available for hardware, materials and finishing touches, and believe us there is a lot out there. We wanted to create a guide to help you navigate all of these options, and give you home decor and design ideas that will give your space an up to the minute modern feel.


HiFi Stereo Console Room Centerpiece

For years now we’ve allowed televisions to overtake a room and become the focal point, sometimes without even intending it to be. Now people want to return to a room that brings us back to making conversation and human interaction the focal point. HiFi record consoles are a great way to do that, providing pure analog sound quality and ambiance, and a conversation piece that will put the human touch back into your living space for entertaining.


Chrome Details & Hardware

The style of polished chrome and stainless steel has been an evergreen, but as this favorite has gone in and out of favor over the decades, but we’re seeing some incredible uses as details for furniture and hardware in 2018. The subtle use of chrome in both the kitchen and living room can provide an extra level of detail that gives you a look that’s both stylish and modern.


Matte Black Finished Accents

Matte black finish hasn’t been as heavily utilized in the past in both kitchens and bathrooms, but now we’re seeing a trend toward warmth and a more modern feel, rather than some of the more antique inspired styles that have been popular in recent years. Tying in black matte wood into your room’s accent colors can give your space a more intimate and inviting feel.


Vinyl Record Storage Furniture

Furniture that makes a statement about your personality is always a great idea, but this year we’re seeing furniture that displays your record collection come more into the forefront. Vinyl media storage allows your guests a window into your personality and you get to showcase all of your cool vinyl finds. Our Jax vinyl storage unit delivers a cool mid-century modern style, and provides you with ample multi-use storage space, that can be a blank canvas for your accents and interior design ideas.


Kitchen Dining Tables

Eating in the kitchen has been a trend at some of the world’s finest restaurants, now this trend is coming to a kitchen near you. Entertain your guests while preparing the meal, not only engages them in the process, but allow you to chat while you’re prepping to serve. They say the kitchen is the centerpiece of the home, now it can be the centerpiece for functional entertainment as well.

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