The Best Designer Furniture Trends For 2018 | LUNO

The Best Designer Furniture & Decorative Trends For 2018 | LUNO

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The Best Designer Furniture & Decorative Trends For 2018 | LUNO


Designer furniture, luxury furniture and decorative trends reflect a broad range of attitudes and shifts in taste. Every year we see ideas from our global culture come in and out of fashion, which can strike a deep impression on furniture design and home decor. These days how you decorate your home can even make a political statement. Economic factors also seem to be relevant in the desire to showcase varying levels of conspicuous wealth through the creative expression of interior design. This year, we’ve spotted some ideas that are not only visually pleasing, but they are adding texture and interest to areas of design that had been kept more basic in recent years. We hope these designer furniture and decorative trends for 2018 provide inspiration and give you some ideas for modern luxury home decor.


Decorative Walls

Having significant negative space has been desirable in recent years, but this year creating interest with color, shape and texture is very in fashion.  Warm colors that provide a rich pallet and items that make an artistic statement help to create an opulent and inviting space that ties in the entire design concept for the room. This is not entry level design, choosing the right pieces and having a vision for the room on this scale is usually best accomplished by hiring a seasoned interior designer.


Sculptural Furniture


This beautiful solid bronze chair, created by Kelly Wearstler, embodies one of our favorite designer furniture trends of the year. Expanding on the idea of practical art, this chair not only provides an eye catching piece, but it encapsulates the aesthetic of 2018, a modern take on a functional return to opulence.


Designer Hifi Record Consoles

Timeless style, and the richness and warmth that recall the elegance of another era, but with a very modern feel, record consoles like the EGB2 are providing a gorgeous and functional room centerpiece. These consoles also provide high quality analog sound, far superior to many of their vintage predecessors. These units have been a popular addition to luxury home decor this year and help create a functional room lifestyle for those who want to put an emphasis back on entertaining and conversation, adding a real human touch and ambience.


Gold, Silver and Precious Metal Tones

gold designer furniture

In a way the economic revival has spurred a return to a more opulent look and feel for home decor. We’re loving the look of one of our favorite luxury designer furniture trends of the year, metallic tones, and specifically tasteful accents of gold. For decades bronze and gold furniture had been a staple until it fell out of fashion in the 90s. Now that people want to again identify with opulence, we’re seeing some great uses for gold in fixtures, hardware and even decorative furniture pieces.


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