One Stop Vinyl Listening Room Shop | Luxury Furniture | LUNO

One Stop Vinyl Listening Room Shop | Luxury Furniture | LUNO

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One Stop Vinyl Listening Room Shop | Luxury Furniture | LUNO

It’s not a very well kept secret that LUNO makes beautiful luxury furniture, but what separates LUNO from our competition is that we’re a one stop vinyl listening room shop for those who are looking to create a stylish and immersive entirely analog vinyl listening experience, with all of the bells and whistles, even a few surprises thrown in there for good measure. To create the complete listening room set, it requires putting together quite a few pieces, that you may or may not be able to find in the luxury furniture space, and if you can find non-vintage pieces, locating pieces that give you the cohesive style that our sets provide can be a struggle. Each piece we design is engineered for the ultimate listening experience, from the demanding standards we have for our audience components to the details that only those who deeply understand both the technical audio and designer furniture spaces would think of and integrate into their offerings. If there’s anything that we’re experts in is diving head first into our favorite vinyl records, and understanding the ultimate listening environment all the way down to the perfect chair, and believe me even that piece has a deep and intricate thought process behind its design. Better than trying to explain let us show you what we mean with a sample vinyl listening room suite setup below.


“One Stop Vinyl Listening Room Shop”

The first piece you need, and the centerpiece of any vinyl listening room is the hifi record console. This is the meat and the potatoes, it determines a number of factors beyond just the style, but it’s crucial to understand how the quality is going to effect the over all immersion into the listening experience. So for our purposes of creating the ultimate luxury listening room, we’ll start off using our flagship the EGB2 as the example.

homepage3 - EGB2 Record Cabinet

So please note that some of the coolest features can’t be see at first glance. Not only does this sonic powerhouse have storage for 150 vinyl records built-in, but it also has one of the coolest features you’ll ever find in any hifi record console, a built-in discrete whiskey bar! Talk about taking the listening experience to the next level. We also include 4 gold-rimmed whiskey glasses, a bottle of one of our favorite whiskeys, and a selection of personally curated classic vinyl records that we know you’re going to love to put this console through its paces.

We can complement this gorgeous luxury console perfectly with our Buckley Listening Chair. The style and comfort are unmatched, once you enter its comfort zone, you will never want to get up. But, here’s where we’ve optimized it for the ultimate listening experience, the chair is set to the perfect height to optimize the range of our record console’s sweet spot, so you can achieve THE SOUND!

Next up, decorate vinyl storage units, that not only look good, but are on par with the quality and luxury or the rest of your listening suite are essential, not that there’s anything wrong with it, but you don’t want to go IKEA on this element, because it can be such a beautiful decorative opportunity and personality piece that ties everything in together. For this vinyl listening room we suggest our JAX Vinyl Storage Unit, made with beautiful exotic zebrawood, available in some gorgeous finishes.

If you have less space or you’re looking for a way to display a curated set of records at time time for guests to flip through, and see what incredible taste in music you have, we offer our Flip Tabletop Vinyl Storage unit. Not only is it one of the most functional and style pieces we’ve come across, but it gives you a way to showcase 35 of your favorite albums, and rotate collections for theme and mood of your gatherings when you entertain.

Vinyl Storage - Flip Tabletop Record Storage Unit

Last but not least, you need to clean and maintain this precision piece of audio equipment, and considering our custom Groovewasher kit not only matches the incredible style of your vinyl listening room, it gives you the best set of tools to ensure your records sound great, but will give you the greatest possible life from your investment.



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