Worst Vinyl Album Record Cover Fails From Popular Artists | LUNO

Worst Vinyl Album Record Cover Fails From Popular Artists | LUNO

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Worst Vinyl Album Record Cover Fails From Popular Artists | LUNO

It’s really easy to make a list of the worst vinyl album record cover fails of all time, a little too easy. There are endless albums released by artists that have had no success, that somehow mysteriously were pressed to vinyl, I’m guessing without anyone’s knowledge of approval, considering how horrifying some of these covers are. Artists who crawl out of some subterranean nightmare where the standard for an image that represents your music is whatever makes you cringe so hard that it almost rips a hole in the fabric of this dimension. Like I was saying, finding nausea inducing album art is like shooting fish in a barrel, it would actually be impossible to create a general list of the worst album covers of all time, because just when you think you’ve found the worst, you discover there is another rabbit hole with an another infinite amount of even more abysmal covers than the last set that had almost ruined your year. So we have to set up a few parameters, the albums have to contain something that approximates music. The artists had to have at least had some type of success in the business, because clearly there’s no quality control when you’ve either pressed the album yourself, or a micro-label from Belgium released 100 copies for some extreme sub-genre. What makes an album cover fail epic, is when record labels had to look at something that makes you question whether you want to just take the album and put it instantly in the trash or set it aflame and return it to earth. Keep in mind teams of executives, PR people and their respective marketing departments all had to lay eyes on these covers, and decide these images would not be career ending but actually, no, quite the opposite, they could actually promote and sell these albums.


  1. Fleetwood Mac – Mystery To Me

2. Pantera – Metal Magic

3. Jim Post – I Love My Life

4. Hot Tuna – Final Vinyl

5. Bros – Chocolate Box

6. Cerrone – Cerrone’s Paradise

7. ManOWar – Anthology

8. Bee Gees – Life In A Tin Can

9. Gary – Getting Down To Business

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