Top 33 Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers | LUNO | Luno

Top 33 Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers | LUNO

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Top 33 Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers | LUNO

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Vinyl lovers and luxury travel enthusiasts, rejoice! More and more luxury hotels have been adding to their record collections, as people rediscover the hands-on beauty of vinyl. Streaming music may be convenient, but the sound of vinyl is personal, and you truly feel it in your soul. At LUNO, that’s what we’re about: mixing luxury design with analog sound.

That’s why we’re sharing our list of the Top 33 Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers:


33 – The Dean Dublin – Dublin, Ireland

When you’re looking for an upscale and fun hotel in the Irish capital, The Dean is where you want to be. In every room, there’s a Rega turntable, and the hotel has a large collection of vinyl records that you’ll play throughout your stay.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Dean

32 – The Verb Hotel – Boston, USA

Packed with music memorabilia, a stay at The Verb is like lounging in the history of rock & roll, complete with in-room record players and albums. With its extensive vinyl library, this boutique hotel is oozing with the retro vibes of the 1960s and 1970s.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Verb Hotel


31 – The Thompson – Nashville, USA

The Gulch is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Music City, and that’s where you’ll find the Thompson. In the lobby is a mid-century record player, and guests can purchase records from the hotel’s minibar. You can order a whisky and buy an album at the same time. On some evenings, DJs host vinyl nights on the rooftop of the hotel.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Thompson Nashville


30 – The Asbury – Asbury Park, USA

This New Jersey-based hotel by the Atlantic Ocean is a clash between Victorian-era design and rock & roll style. While some rooms have black and white photographs of music legends hanging on the wall, the Soundbooth is where you’ll want to chill. Part vinyl library, part bar, part concert lounge – there’s always something “on” at this happening part of the Asbury. Just check out their listings.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Asbury Hotel


29 – Rathskeller Suite at Hotel Commonwealth – Boston, USA

From 1974 to 1997, The Rathskeller, locally known as The Rat, was a legendary live music venue in Boston. Today, part of the spirit of The Rat lives on in a suite at Hotel Commonwealth. Vinyl lovers can play records from some of the bands who made the underground venue famous, like The Ramones and The Police.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Hotel Commonwealth


28 – Moxy Tempe – Tempe, USA

Just outside of Phoenix, this boutique hotel has a very youthful business vibe. Thanks to a partnership with Zia Records, Moxy has a record player and a few albums in every guestroom, as well as acoustic guitars. Care for some Miles Davis? Coming right up!

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Moxy Tempe


27 – The Distillery – London, UK

If you love to mix gin and music, then you should definitely spend some time at The Distillery. It’s kind of a one-stop-shop: It’s a working distillery, with two bars, a private dining room for tony socialites, and three guestrooms. Yes, you read that correctly, there’s only three guestrooms. All three of them come with a record player for you to enjoy their Rough Trade-curated vinyl collection.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Distillery


26 – Gold Owner’s Suite at Fairmont Pacific Rim – Vancouver, Canada

This suite is supplied with a custom vinyl collection and a record player to entertain you while you gaze out the windows at the majestic scenery around Vancouver. The mid-century modern interiors are full of sophisticated furniture, luxury finishes, and ritzy comforts that any elite guest will appreciate.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Fairmont Pacific Rim


25 – Vinyl Room at 25hours Hotel – Hamburg, Germany

With over 1,000 records to choose from, the Vinyl Room is part of a larger club and lounge area for 25hours Hotel’s international business guests. Relax while listening to classic tunes from one of a few modern record players. Each record player is connected to headphones for your personal enjoyment.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: 25hours Hotel


24 – Haymarket Hotel – London, UK

All the large suites at this hotel feature a record player with a selection of albums. The interior design is luxurious with strategic touches of color, and each suite is a little on the stately side. Haymarket Hotel offers regal hospitality for the vinyl lover.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Haymarket Hotel


23 – Kimpton Shorebreak Resort – Huntington Beach, USA

At this Southern Californian hotel, they don’t only have a record player, they have a recreated, handcrafted, mid-century record player console. On site, there’s a record library full of classic rock and surf tunes from the 1950s and later (yes, of course they’ve got The Beach Boys). Shorebreak’s record library is the perfect spot to get pumped up before grabbing a surfboard and heading out to the water.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Kimpton Shorebreak Resort


22 – Brae – Birregurra, Australia

What began in 2013 as a modest and classy small restaurant in rural Australia, and quickly became one of the top 100 restaurants in the world, Brae has expanded to include a mini boutique hotel with six guest suites. Each suite is adorned with handmade luxury furniture, a cocktail bar, a wine fridge, and a lounge with a record collection and a Thorens turntable. Guests can put on some David Bowie and be moved by both the sound and the landscape.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Brae


21 – Kimpton Saint George – Toronto, Canada

This artful boutique hotel in Canada’s largest city has a TEAC turntable system and vinyl albums in every suite. The hotel curated the albums with the help of a local independent record store, making the Kimpton Saint George a fitting place to indulge in Canadian rock, like Barenaked Ladies and the Tragically Hip.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Kimpton Saint George


20 – Hotel Max – Seattle, USA

With modern hospitality amenities surrounded by Beaux-Arts architecture, Hotel Max is promoted as a place where art and vinyl lovers are specifically catered to. If you’ve ever thought that it would be cool to have a turntable on your bedside table, you’ll experience that on the 5th floor of the hotel. The doors of each suite on that level feature large photos taken by Charles Peterson, of Courtney Love, Kurt Cobain, and other iconic artists. Each suite is inspired by Seattle’s most famous indie record label, Sub Pop Records. Nirvana, and other records can be purchased in the lobby.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Hotel Max


19 – Soho House – Berlin, Germany

At the Soho House, vinyl lovers can do way more than listen to the over 100 records in their library that were curated by The Vinyl Factory. You can even do more than buy records at the hotel’s ground floor store. If listening to Róisín Murphy or Jerome Hadey on vinyl is not enough, there’s also live music at The Store Studio, where an 8-speaker Vinyl Factory sound system handmade by Funktion-One will rock you into a fervor.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Soho Berlin


18 – The Berkeley – London, UK

The history of The Berkeley in London goes back over 300 years to when it was only a coffee house at a site less than a mile away from its current location. Just around the corner from Buckingham Palace, this hotel offers modern luxury fit for a monarch. Their record library is full of the sounds of iconic British artists. Simply order a record player and the concierge will bring one to your suite. The Berkeley sometimes offers exclusive packages which can include concert tickets to sold-out shows, a Revinyl record player, and a collection of albums by the performers.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Berkeley


17 – Hotel Saint Cecilia – Austin, USA

Inspired by American rock & roll of the 1960s and 1970s, Hotel Saint Cecilia is a Victorian estate with six poolside bungalows, five suites, three studios, and a lounge. In the lobby, you can also visit the retail store, where records and biographies of musicians can be borrowed during your stay. In every room, you’ll find Whetstone Audio Rega RP1 and RP3 turnstiles to listen to the albums of your choice with Geneva sound systems. The hotel also offers private vinyl record shopping services to help you find that one album that you’ve spent years searching for.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Hotel Saint Cecilia


16 – The Chatwal – New York, USA

Vinyl lovers who adore Broadway musicals will be enthused by what the Chatwal has to offer. The hotel has a selection of records from famous Broadway shows from a variety of eras. All rooms have Crosley record players for you to savor your favorite musicals in a cozy, luxury décor.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Chatwal


15 – The W Hotel – London, UK

The W Hotel brand is known for its eclectic style and vibrant interiors, but its London location is known for its vinyl room service. From a main collection curated by Annie Mac, a legendary English DJ and BBC Radio presenter, guests can choose albums from any genre. They also have a Britpop collection hand-picked by Lauren Laverne, another English DJ and BBC Radio presenter, for all those lovers of Manic Street Preachers, The Verve, Blur, Oasis, and Coldplay.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The W Hotel London


14 – Penthouse at The Ludlow Hotel – New York, USA

When you’re staying in a 1,500 square foot penthouse, with another 1,000 square feet of terrace space, adding music to the mix makes the setting seem even more grandiose than it is. Just put Frank Sinatra on the Technics 1200 turntable and do things your way under a Moroccan chandelier. When it’s done, follow it up with some Bruce Springsteen. And if you really want to feel what an Arnold Wolf for JBL floor speaker can do, wild out on some Run-D.M.C. This penthouse is so nice, we put photos of it twice.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Ludlow


Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Ludlow


13 – The Donghia Patron Grand Canal Suite at The Gritti Palace – Venice, Italy

The Gritti Palace was built in the 15th century, making it a coveted destination for those in need of a romantic getaway. This Venetian palazzo, home to a wealthy nobleman over 500 years ago, is today an example of premium hospitality unmatched by few other places. Each suite at The Gritti Palace looks as beautiful as the next. Your best choice would be The Donghia Patron Grand Canal Suite. It’s a magnificent space for a love triangle, between your better half, you, and your favorite album on the record player.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Gritti Palace


12 – The Elizabeth Hotel – Fort Collins, USA

An enchanted modern luxury hotel close to the natural wonders of Colorado, The Elizabeth is full of high-end handcrafted furniture. There’s a grand spiral staircase in the lobby with celestial-like steps bringing you up to your suite. The diversity and detail of the design in this place makes it a very attractive hotel, well worth repeat visits. In-room record players, album collections, and guitars handing on the walls are so carefully placed that they look like artwork.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Elizabeth Hotel


11 – The Redbury South Beach – Miami, USA

The vinyl collection at The Redbury is curated by Capitol Records and Universal Music Enterprises, ensuring that you’ll be well pleased by any album that you select. The Art Deco interiors are calm, but that Miami vibrance is still present. Discerning guests will never forget the spacious, 12,000 square foot poolside rooftop, with its glamorous views of the South Beach Skyline. It’s a refreshing spot to take in the sun when you feel like giving the Crosley a rest.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Redbury South Beach


10 – Autor Rooms – Warsaw, Poland

With a library of Polish albums to choose from, Autor Rooms is a boutique hotel that embodies the 19th century charms of Warsaw. There’s a simple elegance to this place that is deeply beautiful, in all of its four rooms and one common area. Guests can sample Polish recording artists on the hotel’s stereo turntable system.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Autor Rooms


9 – Hotel Zoso – Palm Springs, USA

It’s always party time at this hotel in the middle of Palm Springs. Hotel Zoso is not for buttoned-up party poopers. It has a style of youthful opulence, expressed in the artwork, maximalist wallpaper and carpets, luxury furniture, and chic lighting. If you need a break from the rollicking poolside atmosphere, order a portable turntable and albums for the room. Zoso also has a room-service program that allows guests to choose from 20 Fender guitars, in case gazing up at the skies of the Coachella Valley inspires your creativity.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Hotel Zoso


8 – Ace Hotel – Los Angeles, USA

Inside the revered architecture of the United Artists building in Downtown L.A. is where you’ll find Ace Hotel. Built in 1927, you’ll get a strong taste of old L.A. at this spot, where each suite has its own Ace x Rega RP1 turntable and selection of records. If strumming the Martin acoustic guitar in your room gets tiring, you can go down to the 1,600-seat theatre for a live performance. For the night owls, go up to the rooftop to revel with the poolside crowd and a DJ under the L.A. sky.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Ace Hotel Los Angeles


7 – RYSE Hotel – Seoul, South Korea

At this hotel for high performing creatives at the top of their game, the rooms at RYSE all carry names like Creative, Editor, Director, and Producer. The best room for vinyl lovers is the Executive Producer Suite. At 2,000 square feet, it almost feels like a house, equipped with a DJ table and a collection of albums to complement those in their main library and in the bar below. Some nights, DJ Soulscape is there spinning hits from the early days of hip-hop.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: RYSE


6 – Suite 5000 at Mandarin Oriental – New York, USA

Way above Columbus Circle, 50 floors up in the Time Warner Center to be exact, is this 3,300 square foot suite. It is, without a doubt, one of the most expensive hotel suites in New York City. Inspired by the rock & roll history of the Big Apple, Suite 5000 has an extensive vinyl collection. The nightly rate is so astronomical that you should look at it as an investment in leisure time. That’s to be expected for a suite with fantastic views of Central Park and the Midtown Manhattan skyline. Suite 5000 is so exclusive that it’s not even listed on the Mandarin Oriental’s website. It’s one of the open secrets of New York’s luxury hotel world.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Suite 5000 at Mandarin Oriental


5 – The Roxy Hotel – New York, USA

With an in-room vinyl program, The Roxy Hotel caters to your love of music at check-in. You’ll find a TEAC turntable in your room just waiting to be played, and a fine set of Marshall speakers with a sound you will cherish. Even if you don’t like the curated selection in the room, they’ve got a back catalog for you to choose from. If you’re still not satisfied after looking through their back catalog, they’ll recommend three or four vinyl record stores right there in Lower Manhattan. Plus, The Roxy has live music on two floors almost every night. What more can you ask for?

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The Roxy Hotel


4 – Hotel da Baixa – Lisbon, Portugal

Named after Lisbon’s most energetic neighborhood, Hotel da Baixa is a charming boutique hotel with a style that is traditional, yet modern. Under the bright lights of their library, they have a fireplace, a collection of books about Portuguese culture and heritage, as well as a selection of albums and a handsome record player.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Hotel da Baixa


3 – Kimpton The Goodland – Santa Barbara, USA

Yes, another Kimpton hotel makes the list! They sure know vinyl lovers well.

The Goodland is a posh surf lodge with a vibe as cool as its décor. With a turntable in every room, you can get in the right musical mood by borrowing or purchasing albums from their record shop. The hotel even collaborated with SONOS to create a listening station for guests to experience.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Kimpton The Goodland


2 – Sir Adam – Amsterdam, Netherlands

The interior design of Sir Adam can be described as the luxury expression of the industrial aesthetic. Artwork from local artists is displayed on the walls of each room, where guests can play any number of albums on a Crosley Cruiser record player. If that inspires you, they’ve also got a Gibson guitar in the room for those composers at heart.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Sir Adam


1 – The W Hotel – Austin, USA

The W Hotel Austin’s Record Room has over 8,000 vinyl records, from a wide range of decades and genres…(we’ll give you some time to recover from the shock, so that it sinks in…8,000 vinyl records). Almost every weekend, DJs rock the Record Room with familiar albums and hits. The wonderful thing about the W Hotel brand for a vinyl lover is that they have in-house music directors in charge of making sure that the right album collections are available at their hotels across the globe. No matter which W hotel that you stay at, the hippest music is being played all the time.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: The W Hotel Austin


Honorable mentions:

Even though there’s no records to play, this suite gets a mention because it was where John Lennon and Yoko Ono composed and recorded “Give Peace a Chance” during their 1969 Bed-In for Peace protest. Recently, the suite was renovated, but some of the vintage furniture from the era was restored. Staying at this suite is like following in the footsteps of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Watch this video with English subtitles to get a sense of the space.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Queen Elizabeth Hotel


Although the New York and London locations of Ace Hotel do not offer vinyl lovers what the Los Angeles location does, the London hotel is next to Sister Ray, a very popular record shop in the city. In terms of vinyl collections, there’s something for everyone at almost all of Ace Hotel’s locations worldwide.

Luxury Hotels for Vinyl Lovers

Source: Ace Hotel New York


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