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5 Luxury Christmas Gifts for Men | LUNO

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5 Luxury Christmas Gifts for Men | LUNO

What should I buy for him?  You’ve known the man for years, maybe even a couple of decades. You’ve given him many gifts over the years, so you don’t want to get him another tie. We’ll give you some suggestions for what you can buy the guy who has everything.

Here are 5 luxury Christmas gifts for men:


1 – Leather Ankle Boots

This is a well-made boot, with a beautifully stitched front edge. The soles are made of pliant rubber, which means that if the receiver of this gift lives in a place that gets serious winter, they’ll love you for giving them these boots.

Luxury Christmas Gift men

Leather Ankle Boots


2 – Peekaboo Black Leather Bag

This handbag for men has an exterior compartment at the back for smartphones, and an interior zip pocket.  Across the light brown embroidery of this luxury Christmas gift is the pattern ‘FF’.

Luxury Christmas Gift men

Peekaboo Black Leather Bag


3 – Herringbone Tweed Atticus Jacket

Made of wool (97%) and cashmere (2%), this sports jacket would look nice on any occasion. A man could wear it all day at the office, keep it on during the evening happy hour, and not look out of place.

Luxury Christmas Gift men

Herringbone Tweed Atticus Jacket


4 – Leica M10-D

Unlike many cameras on the market today, the Leica M10-D has no display at the back for you to check your photos. Instead, you check your photos on your smartphone with the Leica FOTOS app. Made in Germany, this camera allows you to enjoy an analog photography experience, but with a digital extension. The best of both worlds.

Luxury Christmas Gift men

Leica M10-D


5 – Jimmy Choo Man Intense Fragrance

Honeydew melon and davana oil are just some of the ingredients in this fragrance. This luxury Christmas gift is an after-shower scent is held in a crocodile leather container.

Luxury Christmas Gift men

Jimmy Choo Man Intense Fragrance


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