Rotel’s New Hi-Fi CD Player | LUNO | Luno

Rotel’s New Hi-Fi CD Player | LUNO

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Rotel’s New Hi-Fi CD Player | LUNO


With so much focus on the rise and convenience of streaming music, and the desire for the true sound and analog experience of vinyl, CD lovers must be feeling left out in the cold. They are like the middle child in a family of three siblings: Without the parental expectations of the older sibling, but definitely unspoiled like the younger sibling.

In that analogy, the youngest sibling is obviously the person obsessed with streaming music. They have no idea how good they have it. They just have to search for a genre, an artist, or a song, and within a blink of an eye they have what they’re looking for. Plus, each song plays into the next, meaning they don’t have to get up if they don’t want to. Spoiled, spoiled, spoiled.

Now the oldest sibling in that analogy is definitely the vinyl lover. They had it tough, having to leave the house to go to a record store, and spend hours flicking through albums to find a gem of a record or maybe something obscure. They have an appreciation for the artwork and craft of each album, and the pure sound is worth it.

The CD lover occupies a strange no-mans land between the two: enjoying something old enough to not be cool, but not too old to be obsolete!


And yet, it’s tough to find anyone who doesn’t have any CDs anymore, even people with extensive vinyl collections or a seemingly unlimited number of digital files. Everybody has at least one CD. Some have over a hundred.

This is why last month, Rotel launched Rotel 14 Series, the A11 stereo amplifier and CD11 player. Capable of supporting both digital and analog sources, this versatile system has a Bluetooth receiver for wireless audio streaming for Android and Apple users.


Typically, the sibling with the most wisdom is the oldest (sorry, it’s true).

Show your wisdom, by playing your vinyls on a high-end system.

Order a HiFi record console today at



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