Must See Mobile Recording Studios | LUNO | Luno

Must See Mobile Recording Studios | LUNO

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Must See Mobile Recording Studios | LUNO

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Exclusivity is valuable. To have something of high quality that nobody else around you has, which only you have access to. Or to have something so rare, that you instantly become the center of attention. To get such a status symbol is a way to really show off your wealth and confidence. So when you hear that people have integrated recording studios within moving vehicles and yacht, it’s obvious that those are definite status symbols.

Check out 3 mobile recording studios and the exclusivity they provide:

Container Studios

For those of you who have multiple properties, you might want to consider investing in a transportable home recording studio from an Australian company called Container Studios for about $65,000 USD. Watch the video below:


Rolls-Royce Phantom

Back in the day, it was customary to see rappers with luxury cars in the background. But what about seeing a car with a luxury recording studio inside? Watch British rapper-record producer Skepta use a new Rolls-Royce Phantom as a recording studio. Yes, he recorded a song inside of a luxury car!


Octopus Luxury Yacht

Most people would expect to see a bar on a luxury yacht, maybe even a gym. But how many people have ever seen a recording studio on a luxury yacht? The answer is, not many. The recording studio on the Octopus Luxury Yacht has as many features as in a home luxury studio, along with acoustical instruments, such as guitars and a Steinway grand piano.

recording studios

Yacht Octopus

At the very least, you have to appreciate the imagination of these examples. Few things say cool like a recording studio in a place you’d never expect. If someone dares to install one on a private jet we’ll let you know.


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