Plasencia Cigars New Brands Are Delicious | LUNO | Luno

Plasencia Cigars New Brands Are Delicious | LUNO

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Plasencia Cigars New Brands Are Delicious | LUNO

The Plasencia name has a long tradition in the cigar business. The family has been growing tobacco in Nicaragua and Honduras since 1965 (they began growing tobacco in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba in 1865). They own almost 3,000 acres of tobacco throughout Central America, producing about 40 million cigars a year which they mainly brokerage for some 30 different cigar brands. They are the largest grower of tobacco in the world, and for most of their history never had a brand to call their own. Their current production is amazing, considering that in 1986 they only produced 1 million cigars a year. In 2017, Plascencia opened a new distribution center to service the U.S. market and introduced new cigar brands to the market, something they had never done in the past. They’ve proved themselves to be skillful at making cigars for other people, something the Plasencia family has been doing since 1920, when Elder Sixto Plasencia created Hijos de Sixto Plasencia. Now they are trying to show the world that they can make great cigars for themselves.

Plasencia CigarsPlasencia Cigars

Plasencia Cigars

Plasencia’s first premium cigar that wasn’t produced for someone else was Alma Fuerte in 2016. It is 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. When it was reviewed by 4 judges without any bands or wrappers, people were impressed. “The aroma on this sample is fairly mild but has notes of spice and sweet wood,” said one judge. Another judge said that it smelled like pepper and spices from India and the Middle East. “Coffee and chocolate combined with it to provide a well balanced mix,” said another judge. In the end, the impression was that Alma Fuerte was “just plain delicious. “

Plasencia Cigars

Now in their fifth generation, the family’s new Plasencia Cigars brand now has a series of their own cigars, including Alma Fuerte.


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