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4 Celebrity Recording Studios | LUNO

Recording Studios

Recording studios are places where artists create the sort of magic that can move the world. Many times, artists go to professional studios to create, but some artists are fortunate to have their own recording studios. Some of these studios can be very luxurious, as we have seen before. There is an element of comfort which these stars get from their own studio. They feel like their best creations can happen there, and seem very happy in their environment. And you can see it on their faces. Even though they are hard at work they look like they’re having fun.  Which is why when you listen to some of their music you can feel the emotions within the music, because it’s coming from something deep.

We thought that it would be fun to show you 4 celebrities giving a tour of their recording studios. For each star, notice how happy they seem.


Charlie Puth

The Billboard Hot 100 singer-record producer’s recording studio in his L.A. home is decorated with lamps, candles, and framed copies of his own vinyl record.

Recording Studios

Lil Jon

In 2017, rapper-record producer, Lil Jon, partnered with a reality TV show, to build a 480 square-foot recording studio with a tiny guesthouse in the backyard of his mansion in suburban Atlanta, all for $120,000. Here’s a short video:

Recording Studios


Hans Zimmer

Zimmer is the man behind the soundtrack of some of big name movies, including Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, and The Dark Knight.


Recording Studios



The hip hop legend has a massive studio in the basement of his Brentwood, California home. The short video below is of him giving a tour of the studio under construction (No pictures, sorry, but Dre sounded super hype in the video though).

Recording Studios


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