How The Music Industry Will Survive the Pandemic | LUNO | Luno

How The Music Industry Will Survive the Pandemic | LUNO

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How The Music Industry Will Survive the Pandemic | LUNO


Do you think your favorite artist will keeping making music during and after the pandemic? Well, not to be the bearer of bad news, but some artists are struggling without the their live-tour income. Even streaming is down too, which is shocking. And physical sales of CDs and vinyl records is also taking a hit. So the music industry is fighting back.


Back in April, the U.S. music industry created the, a website to help musical artists find information about how they can receive benefits from recently created Federal relief programs. With $2 trillion U.S. in federal aid that came available, the music industry wanted to help out its members who might need it. And not just for performers.


Say you own a company that designs and makes high-end pianos for the residential market, your company could benefit from a small business loan included in the aid package. Not just loans, but advances and loan forgiveness too. It all depends on the state that your business is situated in, and you can find that information on


One of the things that is true of how this pandemic is affecting the music industry, is in how it has highlighted the importance of the smaller players in the game. Yes, the big stars will probably weather the storm just fine, but most of the industry is made up of smaller players. From the technical staff right up to the aspiring artists opening up for the international stars on global tours, the smaller players keep the industry moving, innovative, and growing. Without them, the music industry would struggle. That’s why the industry is doing as much as it can to help out as many artists as it can.


When the world changes around you,

Chilling with loved ones is precious.


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