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Outrageous Interior Design & Home Decor Of The 80s

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Outrageous Interior Design & Home Decor Of The 80s

outrageous 80s interior design and home decor

Every interior design and home decor style that arose from each era or decade, had its own unique perspective, which many of us lose sight of when we look back in bewilderment at some of the outrageous interior design and home decor choices made specifically during the 1980s. It was a decade of excess, that strived to achieve maximum personality and originality through every aspect of creative expression. Sometimes that expression got turned up to 11, and even with a nostalgic gaze its hard to put yourself in the shoes of someone who actually had to go out and purchase all of the design elements that it took to compose some of these rooms. Record consoles, stereo consoles, stereo cabinets, turntables and record players were a big part of every home through much of the decade, as compact discs didn’t really take hold of the majority of the market until the 90s. Vinyl was still king! If you bought a Wham! record the odds were 90% that it was going to be an LP, or a cassette tape. ¬†Either way, each of these made a bold statement of someone who wanted to be contemporary, and participate in the concept what being a modern homeowner was during a time when you could still work in fast food and pay rent most places. Money was readily available, there was a large middle class and for the first time in history we also had something called the Home Shopping Network, and you could order some of the most insane pieces of home decor that I’d say honestly, you could find nowhere else. This blog is going to just provide you with the straight facts, and preset each style without comment. There are a lot of really great things you can take away from getting a glimpse into the homes of these people, it literally is a window into their mind, and how they wanted to be perceived at the time. It was a time that for all of its faults it had a lack of the painful self-awareness and self-consciousness that seems extremely prevalent today, these people wanted to have fun, and were willing do to so unabashedly no matter who was looking. Here you are, a tour through the beautiful, sometimes terrifying but always outrageous interior design and home decor of the 80s.


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