What Are Interior Designer Trade Programs? | LUNO | Luno

What Are Interior Designer Trade Programs? | LUNO

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What Are Interior Designer Trade Programs? | LUNO

What Are Interior Designer Trade Programs? | A Look Inside The Designer Furniture Industry

Many people outside of the Interior Design world have asked us about Interior Designer Trade Programs, what they are, if we offer them and how they work. In the world of interior design these programs are pretty standard, but offer great incentives for qualified members of the trade to participate and make working with a designer furniture brand like ours incredibly easy.

But who are these programs open to, is the question we often hear the most, and are these trade programs just limited to interior designers? Generally, they are open to a fairly wide range of interior designers, architects, and qualified members of the trade that work with homeowners and developers on their design projects.

Those who have been working in the design field for years understand the value of the designer trade programs, and know that they open up a lot of possibilities for exclusive discounts, and other resources that we make available to those partners who qualify. Unfortunately at the present time, those who are not professionals working in the interior design trade,  those who are taking on their own personal custom projects and a few other exclusions do apply.

A lot of time these programs are kept out of reach, but we like to have an informed clientele who understand all of the options available to them, just incase that this should apply to your professional situation.

When you visit our interior designer trade program page you’ll also find other resources that will help make working with us as easy as possible. Including our guide to LUNO PDF and downloads of high quality versions of our images for you to use in presentations or layouts.

The other question that we get very frequently, is, what does it take to apply for your interior designer trade program? Essentially, all you have to do is provide a copy of your resale certificate or EIN number verifying your business in the trade, and fill out our form on our trade program page here: https://www.iamluno.com/trade/

Once you’ve filled it out, we’ll get back to you right away to let you know if you qualify to participate. Or, if you have any other questions we encourage you to get in touch with us so we can help you make your project a success.

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