Similar to Record Consoles, Speakers with Simple Designs are Charming | LUNO | Luno
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Similar to Record Consoles, Speakers with Simple Designs are Charming | LUNO

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Similar to Record Consoles, Speakers with Simple Designs are Charming | LUNO

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Even with all the new technology available on the market, there’s something about the design of older technology that is charming.

No frills? No worries.

Simple design? That’s ok.

People just love the look, feel, and use of these technologies. You’ll hear people say, they don’t make things like they used to anymore, but is that really true? Well, yes and no. Yes, things aren’t made exactly like they used to, but technology of today has made older products seem new again. LUNO wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the appeal of vinyl records and modern consoles.

Lofree’s Poison Speaker is an example of how a product can have a simple design and still be charming. The speaker gives off a high quality sound with an analog feel inspired by the design of 1950s radios. Its smooth contours would look good on your desk at work, on your bedside table, or on a console in your hallway. The only difference is that the Poison Speaker is wireless, and according to Lofree, strikes “the perfect balance between retro aesthetics and modern tech.”


The speaker is so small that it fits in your hands, at 3.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches deep. It comes with a built-in lithium battery that will give you a charging time of 4 to 6 hours. There’s also a built-in FM radio that comes with a classic dial. If you want to connect the Poison to your computer or TV, there is a aux cable included in the box.

So see, they do make things the way they used to, only now they make them to be more convenient. The Poison Speakers is just one more example that it doesn’t take a fancy design to make a product attractive. Just a simple design with a classic look can be appealing to consumers.


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