7 Reasons to Love Miami’s Little Havana Cigar Factory | LUNO | Luno

7 Reasons to Love Miami’s Little Havana Cigar Factory | LUNO

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7 Reasons to Love Miami’s Little Havana Cigar Factory | LUNO


There aren’t many public places where one can freely smoke a cigar, but when you find a place that suits you, it becomes a place that you always come back to. It could be for their wide selection of brands, a walk-in humidor, the drinks they serve, and the ambiance they offer. The Little Havana Cigar Factory in Miami is one of the best places in that city to get that authentic Cuban feel.

Here are 7 reasons to love the Little Havana Cigar Factory:

1-Large leather sofas

To just throw yourself into a comfy leather sofa and relax is a great feeling. Funny thing is, the chairs here almost look like our Buckley Listening Chairs!



2-Large selection

With over 55 brands on display, such as La Aurora, La Flor Dominicana, La Aroma de Cuba, Romeo Y Julieta, and Hoyo de Monterrey, you have a lot to choose from.



3- Diversity of activity

You can do more than just shop for cigars here, you can smoke them too in the lounge. You can also drink Cuban espresso.


4-The behind the scenes look

Don’t be surprised when you go there and see staff rolling cigars right in front of you. Their craftsmanship is amazing, and so is their house brand.


5-The accessories

Besides cigars, you’ll find cigar holders, ashtrays, Panama hats, cutters, spigots, lighters, and many other products.


6-The décor

All those old photos of Havana on the walls makes this place ideal for people who see the beauty and the art in the Cuban capital.


7-You never know who you will meet

It is not uncommon to go there are meet people from all walks of life who enjoy cigars. Everyone from tech entrepreneurs to even celebrities, like MLB star Yasiel Puig, have visited the store to get their favorite cigars.




When cigars are not enough,

play some records while you smoke.

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