5 Men’s Luxury Hoodies To Make Your Wardrobe Pop | LUNO | Luno

5 Men’s Luxury Hoodies To Make Your Wardrobe Pop | LUNO

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5 Men’s Luxury Hoodies To Make Your Wardrobe Pop | LUNO

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Everyone wants to look good.

Actually, everyone wants to look great. Some want to look fashionable, but nobody wants to look bad, or just ok, at least not in public. Hoodies are good, but can sometimes look dull and boring, and that is worse than looking bad. You need to find hoodies that stand out from the crowd, and make you look great.

Here are 5 Men’s Luxury Hoodies To Make Your Wardrobe Pop:


1 – Ski Fairisle Iconic Sweatshirt

Much of Neil Barrett’s clothing has a classic look with a twist when it comes to patterns. It makes them fun to wear, like this black sweatshirt with FairIsle Thunderbolt motifs on the front and back.


Ski Fairisle Iconic Sweatshirt


2 – 2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra

With this sweatshirt, the rubberized Rostarr graphic gives you a hug and the word MONCLER is tucked under your arms and stretches across your chest. It makes people notice you, because they are trying to read what your sweatshirt says, but can’t.

2 Moncler 1952 + Valextra


3 – Bomber Hooded Gateway

The touch and feel of this hoodie by Loro Piana might be better than it looks. Hey, it’s baby cashmere, and it feels so soft and so smooth!!

Bomber Hooded Gateway


4 – Skull Rose Hooded Sweatshirt

The embroidered motif of a skull surrounded by roses on this Alexander McQueen hoodie makes for poetic imagery. Is it life overcoming death, or vice versa? Or a mix of death and life? It makes people curious, and that’s why it’s interesting.

Skull Rose Hooded Sweatshirt


5 – 4-Bar Loopback Hooded Sport Coat

From Tom Browne, this light-grey, single breasted sports jacket with patch pockets is actually a hoodie. So this can be worn for a casual business lunch and an after-work party too.

4-Bar Loopback Hooded Sport Coat


Don’t be ok. Be great.

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